Man pages for jporobicg/ReactiveAtlantis
Multiple Reactive HTML tools to help in the calibration of the Atlantis ecosystem model (AEM)

BH.recBeverton Equation
bio.ageBiomass for age groups
Bio.ageBiomass by age class
Bio.funcBiomass from nc file
bio.poolBiomass for age groups
bio.pwnBiomass for age groups
boxes.propBox information
catchAnalysis of the Harvest in Atlantis
compareCompare Outputs
find.zNum layer per box
food.webTrophic level
gape.funcCalculate the gape limitation for each functional group
growth.ppLimitation Growth primary producers
make.mapFunction to get the vertices of the bgm map for Atlantis
nitro.weightCalculate the different weigt (estructural reserve) and...
Over.mat.funcOverlap matrix
plot.age.totalInteractive Plot for biomass (structural and reserve...
plot.catchPlot catch function
predationPredation analyze
prey.posAssing trophic level of the prey the values are based on...
read.varReading Discard and Catch by number and box
recruitment.calEstimation of Recruitment and primary producer growth
relativeCalculate the value of a time serie based on the first value
saveDataSave pPREY matrix
sepTexttext separatror
statsSkill assessment of the model
text2numParameter file reader
TlevelThrophic level estimation. Equation based on Pauly et al 1998...
var.fishTotal catch and discard in biomass
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