sample_data_cal: Sample data for calibrating YASSO

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Sample data for the calibrate_yasso function. Identical to the data in sample_data_run, except for init, which is now a matrix instead of a vector and leac, which is now a single value.




A list with input data. The data types have to be set with as.<datatype> exactly as described below for calibrate_yasso() to function:


integer Number of time steps to run the model over. All inputs below except init and leac have to be of length n_runs, i.e. have to be specified at each time step.


double A vector with length of each time step in years.


matrix Average temperature of each month in a year. Specified for each time step.


double Annual precipitation sum for each time step.


matrix Initial soil carbon values for each time step (A, W, E, N, H).


matrix Litter input to the model at each time step (A, W, E, N, H).


double A vector with litter size for each time step.


double The leaching correction value.


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Tuomi, M., Thum, T., Järvinen, H., Fronzek, S., Berg, B., Harmon, M., Trofymow, J.A., Sevanto, S. & Liski, J. 2009. Leaf litter decomposition - Estimates of global variability based on Yasso07 model. Ecological Modelling 220 (23):3362-3371. (EcolModel)

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