Man pages for jr-packages/jrAnalytics
Practicals and datasets for Jumping Rivers courses

advertisingAdvertising data for examples
beamsThe beams data set
bondJames Bond Data set
boundary_plotConvience function for creating boundary plots
chopsticksChopstick efficiency
correlationSpurious Correlations
drphilDr Phil's data set
facebookFacebook metrics Data Set
foodEuropean protein consumption
gravesGraves data set
hepHeptathlon data set
jrAnalytics-pacakgeIntroduction to analytics in R by Jumping Rivers
lsdLSD & Maths
mortgagemortgage data
plot3dThis is a function for assisting with 3d plots for the...
ratfeedRatfeed data set
rugbyRugby players sizes
zodiacZodiac signs of CEOs
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