Man pages for jreduardo/flexcm
Flexible Models for Dispersed Count Data

bromeliaAlternative substrats for bromeliad production
compute_logkCompute Double Poisson normalizing constante in log scale
compute_logzCompute COM-Poisson normalizing constante in log scale
cottonArtificial defoliation in cotton phenology
dcmpCOM-Poisson probability mass function
ddpoDouble Poisson probability mass function
ddweDiscrete Weibull probability mass function
dgctGamma-count probability mass function
dgpoGeneralized Poisson probability mass function
dptwPoisson-Tweedie probability mass function
equitestLikelihood ratio test for equidispersion
flexcmFitting flexible count model models
flexcm_fitMaximize log-likelihood functions
flexcm-methodsMethod for "flexcm" objects
llcmpNegative log-likelihood function from COM-Poisson model
lldpoNegative log-likelihood function from Double Poisson model
lldweNegative log-likelihood function from Discrete Weibull model
llgctNegative log-likelihood function from Gamma-count model
llgpoNegative log-likelihood function from Generalized Poisson...
lrtests-flexcmLikelihood ratio tests for nested flexible count models
nitrofenToxicity of nitrofen in aquatic systems
predict.flexcmPredict method for flexible count models
sitophilusAnnona mucosa for control of Sitophilus zeamaus
soybeanSoil moisture and potassium doses on soybean culture
summary.flexcmSummary of the flexible count models (individual t-tests)
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