Man pages for jrhammond/phoenixNet
Gather, munge, and convert event data into daily event-networks.

agentsICEWS CAMEO actor codes
convert_cameoConvert CAMEO Codes
convert_cameo_dataCAMEO code translation data frame
download_icewsDownload the ICEWS Dataset
download_phoenixDownload the Phoenix Dataset
eventNetworksConvert Phoenix event data to daily event-networks.
extract_dyadstatsExtract dyad-level statistics from a given event-network.
extract_netstatsExtract network-level statistics from a given event-network.
extract_nodestatsExtract node-level statistics from a given event-network.
icews_cameoConvert ICEWS state/actor codes into CAMEO format, and...
ingest_histphoenixIngest the historic Phoenix Dataset
ingest_icewsIngest the ICEWS Event Dataset
ingest_phoenixIngest the Phoenix Dataset
phoenix_statsExtract statistics from daily Phoenix event-networks.
phoenix_tablesScrape, merge, and process Phoenix and ICEWS data into a...
statesICEWS CAMEO actor codes
update_icewsUpdate a local directory of ICEWS dataset files with new...
update_phoenixUpdate a local directory of Phoenix dataset files with new...
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