Man pages for jrminter/minterbrand
minterbrand R package

build_gitignoreBuild .gitignore
col_sum_naCount the NAs in each column
duplicatesExtract duplicate rows
grapes-ni-grapesValue not matching (opposite of ... %ni% NA A logical vector,...
minter_colorplotShow Minter Theme Colors
minter_designminterbrand Custom Color Schemes
minter_draft_full_reportDraft a minterbrand Report
minter_draft_html_reportDraft a minterbrand HTML Report
minter_draft_pdf_reportDraft a minterbrand PDF Report
minter_draft_presentationDraft a minterbrand Presentation
minter_ggplot_theme_updateApply all Sorenson Impact ggplot themes
minter_ggsaveSave a branded plot
minter_knitr_settingsApply all SI knitr options
wcWrite Clip shortcut
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