Man pages for jrnold/bayz
Miscellaneous Bayesian functions

augment.looloo tidiers
autoscaleCenter and Scale
create_parnamesCreate Stan or BUGS parameter names
dhsThe Horseshoe Prior Distribution
dhsplusThe Horseshoe+ Prior Distribution
djeffreysJeffreys' Variance Reference Prior
expand_grid_dimGenerate indices for all dimensions
kappa_lambda_funsShinkage parameter functions
kappa_momentsMoments for shrinkage and number of effective parameters
parse_parnamesParse Stan parameter names
rlkjcorrLKJ Correlation Distribution
sim_meffSimulate priors on shrinkage and number of effective...
stanfit_summaryClass for 'stanfit' summary objects
stan_iterCoerce 'stanfit' object to list of iterations
stan_model_view_codeView the model code of compiled Stan model
tau_prior_scaleGlobal scale prior scale choice
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