Man pages for jrosen48/tidyLPA
Easily Carry Out Latent Profile Analysis (LPA) Using Open-Source or Commercial Software

AHPSelect best model using analytic hyrarchy process
as.tidyLPAConvert Mplus output to object of class 'tidyLPA'
bootstrap_lrt-deprecatedBootstrap the likelihood-ratio test statistic for mixture...
compare_solutionsCompare latent profile models
compare_solutions_mplus-deprecatedExplore fit statistics various models and numbers of profiles...
estimate_profilesEstimate latent profiles
estimate_profiles_mclustEstimate latent profiles using mclust
estimate_profiles_mplus2Estimate latent profiles using Mplus
estimate_profiles_mplus-deprecatedEstimate parameters for profiles for a specific solution...
get_dataGet data from objects generated by tidyLPA
get_estimatesGet estimates from objects generated by tidyLPA
get_fitGet fit indices from objects generated by tidyLPA
mplusAvailableCheck whether Mplus can be found
pisaUSA15student questionnaire data with four variables from the 2015...
plotMixturesCreate latent profile plots
plot_profilesCreate latent profile plots
plot_profiles_mplus-deprecatedPlot variable means and their confidence intervals by profile...
pomsApply POMS-coding to data
print.tidyLPAPrint tidyLPA
print.tidyProfilePrint tidyProfile
single_imputationApply single imputation to data
tidyLPAtidyLPA: Functionality to carry out Latent Profile Analysis...
tidyLPA-deprecatedDeprecated functions in package 'tidyLPA'.
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