Man pages for jschoeley/tricolore
A Flexible Color Scale for Ternary Compositions

BasicKeyTemplate for Ternary Key
BreaksAndLabelsBreaks and Labels for Ternary Color Key
CentreCompositional Centre
ColorKeySextantSextant Scheme Legend
ColorKeyTricoloreTernary Balance Scheme Legend
ColorMapSextantSextant Encoding of Ternary Composition
ColorMapTricoloreCIE-Lch Mixture of Ternary Composition
DemoTricoloreInteractive Tricolore Demonstration
euro_basemapFlat Map of European Continent
euro_exampleNUTS-2 Level Geodata and Compositional Data for Europe
GeometricMeanGeometric Mean
PertubeCompositional Pertubation
PowerScaleCompositional Powering
TernaryCenterGridReturn Ternary Gridlines Centered Around Some Composition
TernaryDistanceDistance Between Points in Ternary Coordinates
TernaryLimitsReturn the Limits of Ternary Coordinates
TernaryMeshCentroidsCentroid Coordinates of Sub-Triangles in Segmented...
TernaryMeshVerticesVertex Coordinates of Sub-Triangles in Segmented Equilateral...
TernaryNearestFor Ternary Coordinates P Return the Nearest Coordinate in...
TernarySextantVerticesVertex Coordinates of Sextants in Equilateral Triangle
TernarySurroundingSextantReturn Surrounding Sextant of Barycentric Coordinates
TricoloreTernary Balance Color Scale
TricoloreSextantTernary Sextant Color Scale
ValidateMainArgumentsValidate Main Arguments
ValidateParametersSharedValidate Shared Parameters
ValidateParametersTricoloreValidate Tricolore Parameters
ValidateParametersTricoloreSextantValidate TricoloreSextant Parameters
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