Man pages for jschoeley/tricolore
A Flexible Color Scale for Ternary Compositions

CentreCompositional Centre
ColorKeyTernary Balance Scheme Legend
ColorMapRGB Mixture of Ternary Composition
DemoTricoloreInteractive Tricolore Demonstration
euro_basemapFlat Map of European Continent
euro_educationRegional Composition of Educational Attainment in Europe 2016
euro_geo_nuts2NUTS-2 Level Polygons for Europe
euro_sectorsRegional Labour Force Composition in Europe 2016
GeometricMeanGeometric Mean
PertubeCompositional Pertubation
PowerScaleCompositional Powering
TernaryDistanceDistance Between Points in Ternary Coordinates
TernaryMeshCentroidsCentroid Coordinates of Sub-Triangles in Segmented...
TernaryMeshVerticesVertex Coordinates of Sub-Triangles in Segmented Equilateral...
TernaryNearestFor Ternary Coordinates P Return the Nearest Coordinate in...
TricoloreTernary Balance Color Scale
ValidateMainArgumentsValidate Main Arguments
ValidateParametersValidate Parameters
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