Man pages for jskoien/intamap
Procedures for Automated Interpolation

bayesCopulaPerforms spatial interpolation using copulas
blockPredictSpatial block prediction
checkSetupcheck setup
coarsenGridCoarsening of a spatial grid
commonAreaCoarsening of a spatial grid
conformProjectionsGetting conformed projections
copulaEstimationML-estimation of the spatial copula model parameters
createIntamapObjectCreate an object for interpolation within the intamap package
estimateParametersAutomatic estimation of correlation structure parameters
generateTimeModelsGenerate time models
getIntamapParamsSetting parameters for the intamap package
getInterpolationMethodNamesget interpolation method names
intamapExampleObjectSimulated Intamap Object
intamap-packageA package providing methods for automatic interpolation:...
interpolatespatial interpolation
intObsExample data for the intamap package
methodParametersgenerate string for generation of method parameters
plotIntamapplot intamap objects
postProcesspre-process data
predictTimeTime prediction for intamap package methods
preProcesspre-processing of data
spatialPredictSpatial prediction
summaryIntamapsummary intamap objects
timeModelsmodels for estimating prediction time in intamap package
unbiasedKrigeUnbiased kriging
yamamotoKrigekriging and simulation with alternative kriging variance
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