The R package irlgraph provides the functionality to generate accumulated cost surfaces using irregular landscape graphs.


R install.packages('devtools') # package devtools needed devtools::install_github('jsta/irlgraph')


Figure 1: Construction of accumulated cost surfaces using irregular landscape graphs. Panels from left to right represent the process of: identifying graph nodes, Delaunay triangulation, generating partial accumulated cost surfaces, and interpolating to produce full accumulated cost surfaces.

Figure 2: Comparison of system.time processing speed when using regular and irregular graphs to produce accumulated cost surfaces. The performance benefit of irregular graphs becomes apparent with greater numbers of starting nodes.

Figure 3: Directional bias tests of irregular and regular graph approaches to generating accumulate cost surfaces. The gdistance::geoCorrection function eliminates directional bias associated with regular graphs.


see vignette


Thomas Etherington (2012). Least-cost modelling on irregular landscape graphs. Landscape Ecology journal

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