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Simulation-Based Random Variable Objects

abline.rvAdd (Random) Straight Lines to a Plot
aperm.rvRandom Array Transposition
apply.rvApply Functions over Margins of Random Arrays
as.double.rvCoercing Random Vectors to Real-valued
as.integer.rvInteger Random vectors
as.list.rvCoerce a random vector object to a list
as.logical.rvLogical Random vectors
as.rv.bugsCoerce a bugs object into Random Variable Objects
as.rv.stanfitConvert simulations generated by Stan to a list of rv objects
as.vector.rvCoerce an rv object
cbind.rvCombine random vectors by columns or rows
ccCombine values in an rv object
detachrvDetach the rv package
distrib_rvCalculate the covariance of an rv object
Extract-rvExtract or Replace Parts of a Random Vector
Extremes-rvMaxima and Minima of Random Variables
grapes-times-in-times-grapesTest if in set
hist.rvHistogram of a random vector
is.constantConstant Vectors
is.fuzzyFuzziness Data Indicators
ivplotInterval plot
lines.rvAdd Connected (Random) Line Segments to a Plot
Math.rvMathematical functions and Operators for rv Objects
matmultRandom Matrix Multiplication
mean.rvDistribution of the Arithmetic Mean of a Random Vector
median.rvDistribution of the Sample Median
mlplotHorizontal interval plot of components of a random vector
numeric_rvNumeric Random Vectors
outer.rvOuter Product of Random Arrays
plot.rvPlotting Scatterplots of Random Variable Objects
points.rvAdd Points and Intervals to a Plot
posteriorGenerate Posterior Simulations
postsimGenerate Posterior Simulations for lm or glm Objects...
print.rvPrint Distribution Summary of a Random Variable
quantile.rvDistribution of a Quantile of a Random Vector
range.rvDistribution of the Range of a Random Vector
rep.rvReplicate Elements of Random Vectors
rvRandom Vectors
rvarrayMatrices and Arrays of Random Vectors
rvattrAttributes of Random Variables
rvbernGenerate a Random Vector from a Bernoulli Sampling Model
rvbetaGenerate Random Vectors from a Beta Sampling Model
rvbinomGenerate Random Variables from a Binomial Sampling Model
rvbootGenerate a Random Vector from an Empirical Distribution
rvcatGenerate Categorical Random Variables
rvcauchyGenerate Random Variables from a Cauchy Sampling Model
rvchisqGenerate Random Variables from a Chi-Square Sampling Model
rvciCredible (Uncertainty) Intervals for Random Scalars
rvconstRandom Vector with a Point-Mass Distribution
rvcovCovariance Between Components of Random Vectors
rvcutConvert Numeric to Random Factor
rvdensSample from an arbitrary density function using grid...
rvdirichletGenerate Random Variables from a Dirichlet Sampling Model
rvdiscreteGenerate Random Vectors from a Discrete Sampling Model
rvempiricalGenerate a Random Vector from an Empirical Distribution
rvexpGenerate Random Vectors from an Exponential Sampling Model
rvfactorCategorical Random Variables (Random Factors)
rvgammaGenerate Random Variables from a Gamma Sampling Model
rvhistHistogram of Distributions of Components of a Random Vector
rvifelseConditional Random Element Selection
rvinvchisqGenerate Random Variables from a Inverse-Chi-Square Sampling...
rvmapplyApply a function to multiple random vector arguments
rvmatchGenerate a Random Vector from a Bernoulli Sampling Model
rvmaxGet the max values of an rv object
rvmeanExpectation of a Random Variable
rvmeanunifThe distribution of the mean of uniform random variables
rvminGet the min values of an rv object
rvmultinomGenerate Random Variables from a Multinomial Sampling Model
rvnchainsNumber of Markov Chains Used to Generate Simulations of a...
rvneffNumber of Effective Draws in Each Component of a Random...
rvnormGenerate Random Variables from a Gaussian (Normal) Sampling...
rvnsimsNumber of simulations stored in each component of an rv...
rv-packageSimulation-based Random Variable Objects
rvparSet or Query Parameters of the 'rv' Package
rvpermutRandom Vectors with a Permutation Distribution
rvpoisGenerate Random Vectors from a Poisson Sampling Model
rvpredictGenerate predictions from models
rvquantileComponentwise Quantiles of Random Variables
rvrangeGet the value range of an rv object
rvRhatR-hat Convergence Diagnostic
rvsampleDraw a Sample from the Simulation Matrix of a Random Variable
rvsimapplyApply a Function to Columns of the Matrix of Simulation of a...
rvsimsCreate Random Vectors from Simulation Draws
rvtGenerate Random Variables from a Student-t Sampling Model
rvunifGenerate Random Vectors from a Uniform Sampling Model
rvvarVariances of Components of Random Vectors
simapplyApply a Function to Rows of Simulations of Random Vectors
simsRetrieve the Simulations of Random Vectors
solve.rvRandom Vectors
sort.rvDistribution of Order Statistics of a Random Vector
splitbynameSplit a vector based on the names of the components
summariesRandom Vector Summaries
summary.rvNumerical Summary of a Random Variable
unlistrvFlatten Lists Containing rv Objects
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