Man pages for jsta/streamnet
Morphology Analysis of Stream Networks

autocleanAutomatically clean a rivernetwork object
avg_link_lengthCalculate average link length of stream network
calc_metricsCalculate connectivity metrics
closest_lake_distanceFind the distance to the closest upstream lake, the number of...
create_reversed_treeCreate a reversed tree igraph object
get_focal_distanceGet the network distance between a focal point and other...
get_mat_distanceGet the network distance matrix between points on a line...
igraph2sfConvert an igraph object to sf lines
raster2networkConvert a raster to stream network
rvnet2sfRivernetwork to sf object
sf2igraphConvert sf lines to an igraph object
sf2networkConvert sf lines to SpatialNetwork
sim_dlaSimulate diffusion limited aggregation
simplify_networkSimplify network
stream_orderCalculate stream order with GRASS
stream_order_igraphCalculate stream order with igraph
stream_order_ratioCalculate stream order ratio with GRASS
viz_dlaVizualize a DLA simulation
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