Man pages for jstagge/staggefuncs
General Personal Functions for James Stagge

cap_firstCapitalize first letter
cb_check_plotCreate ColorBlind Check Plot
cb_palColor Blind Palette
extract_legendExtract Legend
ggplot_percent_labelggplot Percent Labels
gof_bootstrapGoodness of Fit for Univariate Distributions with...
gof_replicateGoodness of Fit replicates
gof_statsGoodness of Fit Statistics for Univariate Distributions with...
gof_tsGoodness of Fit for a time series
pca_calcPCA calculation with centering and scaling
pca_cum_var_plotPCA Cumulative Variance Explained Plot
pca_eigen_plotPCA Eigen Plot
pca_reconstructPCA reconstruction using loading
pca_var_plotPCA Proportion of Variance Explained Plot
read_table_wheadersRead table with headers
separate_qual_colorsOrder Qualitative Colors
shift_bylagShift a time series by a given lag
theme_classic_newTheme Classic New
theme_classic_new_majgridTheme Classic New with Major Gridlines
usgs_daily_dlDownload daily data from USGS
usgs_month_dlDownload monthly data from USGS
usgs_readinRead in saved data from USGS
usgs_wateryearDetermine water year
usgs_wateryear_inverseInverse of water year calculation
wrap_textWrap Text
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