Man pages for jtlovell/RNAseqDE
A pipeline for differential expression analyses in R

counts2PCAPCA of voom-transformed counts.
distGOCompare semantic similarity of GO.
makeBinarySigConvert p-values to binary significance calls
means4heatmapGet group means
modulesByConnectivityFind modules that have high connectivity
pipeDESeq2A pipeline for DESeq2
pipeLIMMAA pipeline for LIMMA.
pipeTopGORun gene ontology enrichment analyses
pqHistsP- and q-value distributions plotted side-by-side
reportPi0Get pi0 from P-values
testHeterosisBin genes by heterosis categories
volcanoPairScatter plot of log2 fold changes.
volcanoPlotVolcano plot.
wgcna2igraphGenerate an igraph object from wgcna output
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