Man pages for jto888/FaultTree
Fault Trees for Risk and Reliability Analysis

addActiveAdd an Active Component Event
addDemandAdd a Pure Demand Event
addDuplicateAdd a duplicated (repeated) event or entire branch to a fault...
addExposedAdd a Time Dependant, Non-Repairable, Event
addHouseAdd a Given Condition
addLatentAdd a Latent Component Event
addLogicAdd a Logic Gate
addProbabilityAdd a Pure Probability
addUndevelopedEnter a Probability for an Undeveloped Event
applyCollapseSet a gate node for collapsed state on initial rendering.
cutsetsFault Tree Minimal Cut Set Determination
FaultTree-packageFault Trees for Risk and Reliability Analysis
ftree2htmlFault Tree Rendered in HTML
ftree2tableFault Tree Tabular Subview
ftree.calcFault Tree Calculation
ftree.makeFault Tree Creation
hierarchyDF2jsonJSON formatting for tabular hierarchy data
parameter_conversionParameter Conversion Helper Functions
pcParameter Conversion Helper Functions
prob2lamreverse calculation of exponential lambda from probability
tagconnectInterpretation of Node ID by tag Name
test.ftreeFault Tree Object Test
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