functions for querying student info from downloaded CourseWorks files

This package is specifically tailored to the assignment names I use in CourseWorks.

It works with files that are downloaded from CourseWorks using the "Export" button on the grades page.

Everytime new versions of the files are downloaded, call create_NEW(path, pattern) to tidy up the data and write to new files (same names with NEW prefix added.)

At the beginning of every session, get the student data with get_student_data(path, pattern).

The current default parameters are:

create_NEW(path = "~/Documents/Students", pattern = "Fall_2018")

get_student_data(path = "~/Documents/Students", pattern = "NEW")


Start session with:


df <- get_student_data()

and then pass df to other functions as desired:

hmk(name, num, df) Homework score for homework # num

lpr(name, df) Late passes remaining

missed_test(num, df) Missed an exam

name2uni(name, df) Convert name to UNI

tst(name, num, df) Test score for test # num

uni2name(UNI, df) Convert UNI to name

wc(name, df) Which class?

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