Man pages for juancholkovich/coexnet
coexnet: An R package to build CO-EXpression NETworks from Microarray Data

affyGreene-5P01NS017771-220003: Microarray expression experiment...
CCPFinding Common Connection Pattern between different networks.
cofVarCalculating the coefficient of variation for expression...
createNetCreating a co-expression network from expression matrix.
difExprsDifferential expression analysis using two different methods.
exprMatCalculate the expression matrix from the raw expression data.
findThresholdFind the threshold value to create a co-expression network
geneSymbolCreate a table relating probesets with genes
getAffyCharge and create an AffyBatch object
getInfoDownload raw expression data from GEO DataSet
infoTable with the relation between the probesets and the...
net1Simulated network #1
net2Simulated network #2
ppiNetCreate a protein-protein interaction network
sharedComponentsFinding shared components between diferent networks.
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