Man pages for julia-wrobel/registr
Registering curves from exponential family functional data

amp_curveSimulate amplitude variance
bfpcaBinary functional principal components analysis
bs_derivNth derivative of spline basis
constraintsDefine constraints for optimization of warping functions
data_cleanConvert data to a 'refund' object.
expectedScoresCalculate expected score and score variance for the current...
expectedXiEstimate variational parameter for the current subject.
fpca_gaussFunctional principal components analysis via variational EM
grid_subj_createGenerate subject-specific grid (t_star)
h_inv_parametricOne parameter parametric warping on (0, T)
lambdaFApply lambda transformation of variational parameter.
loss_hLoss function for registration step optimization
loss_h_gradientGradient of loss function for registration step
mean_curveSimulate mean curve
mean_simSimulate mean
nhanesNHANES activity data
piecewise_parametric_hinvCreate two-parameter piecewise (inverse) warping functions
psi1_simSimulate PC1
psi2_simSimulate PC2
register_fpcaRegister curves from exponential family using constrained...
registrregistr: Register Exponential Family Functional Data
simulate_functional_dataSimulate functional data
simulate_unregistered_curvesSimulate unregistered curves
squareThetaCalculate quadratic form of spline basis functions for the...
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