Man pages for julianfaraway/facer
Analyze Facial Motion Data

arraymeanArray mean
asymmetryAsymmetry scores
averecfaceAverage faces and rotate so head is upright
bridgefixLocation shift onto template
cleansmProcess a facial motion to fill-in missing values and report...
constructfaceseqArray of faces constructed from geodesic and profile...
constructscorefaceseqArray of faces constructed from geodesic and score...
extmfconfigExtract information about the motion capture file
faceframeConstruct a single frame suitable for movie construction
faceGPAGeneralized Procrustes Analysis
facemovieMake a facial motion movie
facenormCompute size of face
faceOPAOrdinary Procrustes Analysis
first_PCA_trajextract the first PCA, select start and max, return initial...
makesymMake a face symmetrical
misfixlinFill in missing values using linear interpolation
multifaceplotPlot an array of shapes with a different color for each...
parprocPartial Procrustes rotation
plotfacePlot a face or a pair of faces
read_face_fileRead in a face file
readlmkRead in an LMK file
reflectfaceReflect face
rotfaceRotate a face matrix in SD
trajtemplateConform a trajectory to a template
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