Man pages for julieaubert/cobiclust
Biclustering via Latent Block Model Adapted to Overdispersed Count Data

alpha_calculationCalculate the matrix (alpha_k,g)
cobiclustPerform a biclustering adapted to overdispersed count data.
cobiclusteringCreation of the cobiclustering class.
dichoInternal function - estimation of the parameter a
foo_aUseful function to estimate the parameter a
init_pamInitialisation of the co-clusters by partitioning around...
is.cobiclusteringIs an object of class cobiclustering ?
lb_calculationCalculate the lower bound
penaltyCalculate the BIC penalty
qu_calculationCalculate E_q(U_ijr) and E_q(log U_ijr) when U_ijr follows a...
qukg_calculationCalculate E_q(U_ijr) and E_q(log U_ijr) when U_ijr follows a...
selection_criteriaCalculate selection criteria.
summary.cobiclusteringSummary of an object of class Cobiclust
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