Man pages for juoe/spatialtools
Collection of functions for doing spatial stuff.

area_adjusted_error_matrixCalculate area-adjusted error matrix from model prediction
extract_parallelParalellized extraction
lda_rasterApply LDA to raster stack
minimum_mapping_unitApply minimum mapping unit to categorical raster
pca_rasterApply PCA to raster stack
poly_gridCreate grid of points within polygons
predict_rasterSpatial model predictions
proximityCalculate distance raster via gdal_proximity using RQGIS.
remove_boundariesMask boundary pixels from categorical raster
resample_categoricalApply minimum mapping unit to categorical raster
ssimCalculate SSIM from two rasters
st_poly_sampleSample points within polygons
textureCalculate texture measures using grass:r.neighbors and...
vector_to_rasterRasterize vector files via gdal_rasterize using gdalUtils.
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