Man pages for jurrr/modelplotr
Plots to Evaluate the Business Performance of Predictive Models

aggregate_over_ntilesBuild a dataframe with aggregated evaluation measures
bank_tdBank clients that have/have not subscribed a term deposit.
build_input_yourselfExample: build required input from a custom model
customize_plot_textCustomize textual elements of the plots
modelplotrmodelplotr: Plots to Evaluate the Business Performance of...
plot_costsrevsCosts & Revenues plot
plot_cumgainsCumulative gains plot
plot_cumliftCumulative Lift plot
plot_cumresponseCumulative Respose plot
plot_multiplotCreate plot with all four evaluation plots
plot_profitProfit plot
plot_responseResponse plot
plot_roiROI plot
plotting_scopeBuild dataframe with formatted input for all plots.
prepare_scores_and_ntilesBuild a dataframe containing Actuals, Probabilities and...
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