Man pages for jutako/Rtools
Miscellaneous R tools for personal use

d1h5_to_arrayTransform HDF5 numeric vector to array
d2h5_to_arrayTransform HDF5 numeric matrix to array
d3h5_to_arrayTransform HDF5 3D numeric matrix to array
file_bodyExtract filename without extension.
file_extGet file extension from filename
h5attr2dimnameConvert HDF5 attribute to dimnames() compatible format
h5.get.dataset.attrFetch some attribute from a HDF5 file
load_ctap_mcLoad CTAP MC file contents
load_ctap_mc_blocksLoad CTAP MC blocks sheet/table
load_ctap_mc_measurementLoad CTAP MC measurement sheet/table
load_ctap_mc_subjectLoad CTAP MC subject sheet/table
loaddir.h5Load data from all hdf5 files in a directory, output a list
loaddir.h5.erpLoad ERP data from all hdf5 files in a directory, output a...
loadfl.h5Load data from an array of hdf5files, output a list of...
load.h5.arrayLoad data from HDF5 file
load.h5.erpLoad all single-trial ERPs from HDF5 file
load.h5.erpavgLoad all average ERPs from HDF5 file
make.ggplot.dfTransform a matrix into a ggplottable data.frame
mystr_detect_replaceDetect substring and replace if there is a match
parse.savenameCTAP/BWRC savename parsing
shifterCircularly shift vector elements
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