Man pages for jverzani/ProgGUIinR
support package for "Programming Graphical User Interfaces in R"

avail_dfsList available data frames
browsegWidgetsFilesSimple GUI to browse gWidgets examples
browseQtFilesCreates GUI to browse QT examples
browseRGtk2FilesMakes a GUI to browse the RGtk2 examples
browseTclTkFilesGUI to display tcltk examples
day.of.weekDay of week for a given year, month day many days in a month
find_varsreturn variable names in a data frame or environment matching...
LoremIpsumLorem Ipsum text
make_graph_iconmake an icon for type of graph
make_iconicon functions
nsprintfsprintf with template depending on integer valued n
showGtkWidgetInfoShow info on Gtk widgets
validDateis this a valid date?
week.of.month0-based week of month
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