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Data Sets, Etc. for the Text "Using R for Introductory Statistics", Second Edition

age.universeBest estimate of the age of the universe
aidmonthly payment for federal program
alaska.pipelineComparison of in-field and laboratory measurement of defects
alltime.moviesTop movies of all time
answersAnswers to selected problems
aosatArtic Oscillation data based on SAT data
arctic.oscillationsMeasurement of sea-level pressure at the arctic
babiesMothers and their babies data
babyboomBabyboom: data for 44 babies born in one 24-hour period.
battingBatting statistics for 2002 baseball season
baycheckPopulation estimate of type of Bay Checkerspot butterfly
best.timesBest track and field times by age and distance
bloodblood pressure readings
breakdownTime of insulating fluid to breakdown
brightnessBrightness of 966 stars
bright.starsList of bright stars with Hipparcos catalog number
bumpersBumper repair costs for various automobiles
BushApprovalU.S. President George Bush approval ratings
bycatchNumber of Albatrosses accidentaly caught during a fishing...
cabinetEstimated tax savings for US President Bush's cabinet
campMount Campito Yearly Treering Data, -3435-1969.
cancercancer survival times
carbonCarbon Monoxide levels at different sites
carsafetyFatality information in U.S. for several popular cars
central.parkWeather in Central Park NY in May 2003
central.park.cloudType of day in Central Park, NY May 2003
ceo2013CEO compensation in 2013
cfbBootstrap sample from the Survey of Consumer Finances
chickenweight gain of chickens fed 3 different rations
chipsMeasurements of chip wafers
co2emissCarbon Dioxide Emissions from the U.S.A. from fossil fuel
coinsThe coins in my change bin
coldvermontDaily minimum temperature in Woodstock Vermont
confint.htestProduce confidence interval for objects of class 'htest'
cornComparison of corn for new and standard variety
crimeviolent crime rates in 50 states of US
deflectionDeflection under load
demosProvide menu for possible shiny demonstrations
DensityPlotPlots densities of data
diamondPrice by size for diamond rings
divorceTime until divorce for divorced women (by age)
DOTplotMake big DOT plot likestripchart
dottodotDot-to-dot puzzle
dowdataThe Dow Jones average from Jan 1999 to October 2000
dvdsalesMonthly DVD player sales since introduction to May 2004
emissionsCO2 emissions data and gross domestic product for 26...
errataShow errata
ewrTaxi in and taxi out times at EWR (Newark) airport for...
exec.payDirect compensation for 199 United States CEOs in the year...
fatBody measurements to predict percentage of body fat in males
father.sonPearson's data set on heights of fathers and their sons
female.incIncome distribution for females in 2001
firstchiAge of mother at birth of first child
five.yr.temperatureFive years of weather in New York City
floridaCounty-by-county results of year 2000 US presidential...
galileoGalileo data on falling bodies
galtonGalton's height data for parents and children
gapSales data for the Gap
gaspricesMonthly average gasoline prices in the United States
getAnswerfunction to get answer to problem
goalspergameGoals per game in NHL
googleGoogle stock values during 2005-02-07 to 2005-07-07
gradesCurrent and previous grades
gripEffects of cross-country ski-pole grip
hall.fameData frame containing baseball statistics including Hall of...
headtailShow head and tail
healthyHealthy or not?
heartrateSimulated data of age vs. max heart rate
homeMaplewood NJ homedata
homedataMaplewood NJ assessed values for years 1970 and 2000
homepriceSale price of homes in New Jersey in the year 2001
homeworkHomework averages for Private and Public schools
HUMMERDeliveries of new HUMMER vehicles
income_percentilesTop percentiles of U.S. income
iqIQ scores
kid.weightsWeight and height measurement for a sample of U.S. children
KSIData set on automobile deaths and injuries in Great Britain
last.tieLast tie in 100 coin tosses
lawsuitsLaw suit settlements
loremPlaceholder text
malpractmalpractice settlements
mandmsProportions of colors in various M and M's varieties
mathStandardized math scores
maydowDow Jones industrial average and May maximum temperature
MedicareSample from "Medicare Provider Charge Data"
midsizePrice of new and used of three mid-sized cars
MLBattendMajor league baseball attendance data
movie_data_2011Movie data for 2011 by weekend
moviesData frome on top 25 movies for some week, many weeks ago
mw.agesAge distribution in year 2000 in Maplewood New Jersey
nba.draftNBA draft lottery odds for 2002
normtempBody temperature and heart rate of 130 health individuals
npdbNational Practioner Data Bank
nym.2002Random sample of 2002 New York City Marathon finishers
ObamaApprovalApproval ratings for President Obama
OBPOn base percentage for 2002 major league baseball season
oral.lesionOral lesion location by town
ozonemonthlyMonthly mean ozone values at Halley Bay Antartica
paradiseAnnual snowfall at Paradise Ranger Station, Mount Ranier
pi2000first 2000 digits of pi
primesPrimes numbers less than 2003
puertoIncomes for Puerto Rican immigrants to Miami
QQplotCreates a qqplot with shaded density estimate
ratSurvival times of 20 rats exposed to radiation
reaction.timeReaction time with cell phone usage
reddrumGrowth of red drum
salmonharvestSalmon harvest in Alaska from 1980 to 1998
salmon.rateSimulated Data on Rate of Recruitment for Salmon
samhdaSubstance Abuse and Mental Health Data for teens
SATSAT data with expenditures
scatter.with.histScatterplot with histograms
scrabbleDistribution of Scrabble pieces
simple.chutessimulate a chutes and ladder game
simple.densityplotPlots densities of data
simple.edaSimple function to plot histogram, boxplot and normal plot
simple.eda.tsMakes 3 useful graphs for eda of times series
simple.fancy.stripchartMakes a fancier strip chart: plots means and a line
simple.freqpolySimply plot histogram and frequency polygon
simple.hist.and.boxplotA function to plot both a histogram and a boxplot
simple.lagapplies function to moving subsets of a data vector
simple.lmSimplify usage of lm
simple.median.testDo simple sign test for median - no ranks
simple.scatterplotSimple scatter plot of x versus y with histograms of each
simple.simSimplify the process of simulation
simple.violinplotPlots violinplots instead of boxplots
simple.z.testImplement basic z-test for illustrative purposes
skateranksJudges scores for disputed ice skating competition
slcSodium-Lithium countertransport
smokyphWater pH levels at 75 water samples in the Great Smoky...
snacksSnack data from the USDA
southMurder rates for 30 Southern US cities
southernoscSouthern Oscillations
sp500.excessExcess returns of S&P 500
Split.zooAdd split method for zoo objects
squareplotCreate a squareplot alternative to a segmented barplot
student.expensesSome simulated data on student expenses
stud.recsStudent records
superbarplotsuper segmented barplot
tastesgreatDoes new goo taste great?
tcm1yOne-year treasury security values
tempsalinityTemperature/Salinity measurements along a moving Eddy
too.youngWhat age is too young for a male to data a female?
twinsBurt's IQ data for twins
u2Song and lengths for U2 albums
urchin.growthData on growth of sea urchins
vacationvacation days
violinplotPlots violinplots instead of boxplots
watertempTemperature measurement of water at 85m depth
wchomesA random sample of Wake County, North Carolina residential...
wellbeingWhat makes us happy?
yahoo.get.hist.quoteDownload stock data from Yahoo!
yellowfinYellow fin tuna catch rate in Tropical Indian Ocean
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