Man pages for jverzani/gWidgets2Qt
Port of the gWidget2 API to the qtbase package

as_qiconreturn a QIcon object from icon
GComponentBase Class. We have GComponent as parent for GContainer and...
GComponentObservableGComponentObservable adds the observable interface
GContainerbase class for container objects
getBlock.RQtObjectS3 method for stopping getBlock
getTopLevel.RQtObjectS3 method for stopping getTopLevel
getWidget.RQtObjectmethod for stopping getWidget
GHtmlButton reference class
guiWidgetsToolkitQttoolkit class for qtbase
GWidgetBase class for widget objects.
gWidgets2Qt-packageClass for gtable widget
gWidgets2Qt-undocumentedadd stock icons
gWidgetsQt-undocumentedtoolkit constructor for ggroup
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