Man pages for jverzani/gWidgets2tcltk
Toolkit Implementation of gWidgets2 for tcltk

GComponentObservableGComponentObservable adds the observable interface
GEdit-classshow the word list
getWidget.tkwinmethod for getWidget defined in gWidgets2
GMenuBarToplevel menu bar
GSpinButtonSpinbutton class
GStatusBar'GStatusBar' is the base class for a status bar
GToolBar-class'GToolBar' is the base class for toolbars
guiWidgetsToolkittcltk-classtoolkit class for tlctk
gwidgets2_tcltk_column_alignmentalign a column based on the class of the content
gwidgets2_tcltk_format_to_charFormat object to character class for inclusion in a table
gWidgets2tcltk-undocumentedtoolkit implementation for gmessage
List-classA list extension class.
makeCalendarmake a calendar...
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