Man pages for jvg0mes/metools
Macroeconomics Tools

col2charTransform defined columns to character.
col2factorTransform defined columns to factor.
col2numTransform defined columns to numeric.
col2percentAdd percent in column
colpct2numRemove percent from a column, and transform in number
colroundRound defined columns
cuminyearAccumulated variation in year
cuminyear_varAccumulated variation in year
cum_varAccumulated variation
gm.colBar Graphic Model
gm.col_ordOrdered Bar Graphic Model
gm.col_ord_wlOrdered Bar Graphic with Legend Model
gm.col_wlBar Graphic with Legend Model
gm.lineLine Graphic Model
gm.tscolTime serie bar Graphic Model
gm.tscol2Time serie bar Graphic Model
gm.tslTime serie line Graphic Model
me.lagLag a data
me.spreadSpread an dataframe.
metoolsMacroeconomics Tools
metools.helpMetools Help
month2numTransform month names to month numbers
mp.sMulti serie plot
mp.tsMulti serie plot in time serie format
num2monthTransform month numbers to month names
p.colBar plot
p.colorbypositiveColor by positive or negative
p.colorbyvarColor by variation
p.col_ordOrdered bar plot
p.col_ord_wlOrdered bar plot with legend
p.col_wlBar plot with legend
pct_changePercentual change
p.gradientcolorCreate Gradient
p.lineLine plot
p.seqdatebreaksCreate Date Interval
p.tscolBar plot in time serie format
p.tslLine plot in time serie format
stattableDescritive statistic table
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