Man pages for jwdink/tidysurv
Tidy survival models

add.covsAdd covs
convert_time_cols_to_binnedTake a dataframe, and convert its time column(s) to binned...
convert_to_cr_survregCreate a 'cr_survreg' model from a custom list of models
cr_survregEasy interface for parametric competing-risks...
form.model.matrixForm model-matrix
get_terms_mapperGet a function which maps from column names to model-terms...
ggplot.tidysurvGgplot method for tidysurv objects
interval_censor_helperCreate Surv object of type 'interval' given upper and lower...
merge_formulaeMerge formulae
plot_coefsPlot coefficients
plot.tidysurvPlot a tidysurv object
predict.flexsurvregPredict method for 'flexsurvreg' models
tidysurvtidysurv package
tidysurv.cr_survregCreate a tidy-surv object for an object of class 'cr_survreg'
tidy.survfitTidy an object of class 'survfit'
tidysurv.formulaMake a tidy survfit object from a formula
update_aesUpdate ggplot aes
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