Man pages for jweile/cgir
Support for using R as CGI scripts

interpolateInterpolate variables in a file
makeUUIDCreate universally unique ID (UUIDv4)
readGETRead GET data from HTTP request
readPOSTRead POST data from HTTP request
respondRespond to HTTP request using a given MIME type
respond400Respond to HTTP request with a 400:BadRequest error
respond404Respond to HTTP request with a 404:NotFound error
respond500Respond to HTTP request with a 500 Internal Server Error
respondBinaryRespond to HTTP request using binary data in a given MIME...
respondHTMLRespond to HTTP request using HTML
respondJSONRespond to HTTP request using JSON
respondPDFRespond to HTTP request with PDF data
respondPNGRespond to HTTP request with PNG image data
respondSVGRespond to HTTP request with SVG data
respondTemplateHTMLRespond to HTTP request using HTML interpolated from a...
respondTEXTRespond to HTTP request using plain text
setMessageSinkRedirect messages to a log file
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