Man pages for jweile/yogitools
Yogi Tools

as.dfConvert list of lists into data.frame
c2qConvert from Raw coordinate to Quadrant address
colAlphaAdd alpha channel
colmapCreate a color gradient function
comboSet of subsets
extract.groupsExtract regex groups (local)
finRemove infinite and NA values
getArgGet CLI argument
global.extract.groupsExtract regex groups (global)
is.colorChecks if a string is a valid color
ith.rankGet i'th rank from list
mccMatthew's correlation coefficient (MCC)
new.cluster.mapCluster mapper
new.counterCreate new Counter
q2cConvert from Quadrant to Coordinate adress
toCharsDeconstruct a string into single characters
to.dfConvert row-bound lists to data.frame
zbind3D-bind matrices
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