Man pages for kamapu/Lexiguel
Miscellaneous Functions

barsPlotting Bars
curve_areaCalculation of area below a curve.
error_barsPlotting Dots and Error Bars
fill_nasReplacing missing values from a reference table.
four_communities-dataVegetation-Plots Sampled in Four Syntaxa
gap_fillIdentifying and filling gaps
get_ringRing matrix as moving window
Lexiguel-packageA Mingle-Mangle of Functions for R.
plot.SLOSS-methodPlotting SLOSS curves
rc_gaps-dataPlant Diversity in Forest Gaps on the Robinson Crusoe Island
shadowplotPlot for Distribution of Categorical Variables (2)
shadowsLow-Level Shadowplot
slossCalculation of SLOSS-Curves and -Index
stringplotPlot for Distribution of Categorical Variables
strpLow-Level Stringplot
WHscores-dataWET-health Scores in East African Assessment Units.
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