Man pages for kamapu/taxlist
Handling Taxonomic Lists

accepted_nameRetrieve or set accepted name for taxon concepts.
add_conceptInsert a new taxon concept in a 'taxlist' object.
add_levelAdd or modify level entries in single concepts.
add_parentAdd or modify parent entries in taxon concepts.
add_synonymInsert synonyms in a 'taxlist' object.
add_traitAdd trait variables to a taxonomic list.
add_viewAdd a new reference in a taxonomic list.
as.listCoerce an S4 object to a list.
backup_objectBackups R objects.
change_conceptMove a name to a different concept.
cleanClean orphaned records.
df2taxlistConvert a Data Frame into a taxlist Object
Easplist-dataSpecies list for East Africa.
ExtractExtract or replace parts of a 'taxlist' object.
get_childrenRetrieve children or parents of determined concepts.
levelsSet hierarchical levels in 'taxlist' objects
merge_taxaMerge concepts.
subsetSubset method for 'taxlist' objects.
summaryPrint overview for 'taxlist' objects.
tax2traitsAdd taxonomic information to slot 'taxonTraits'.
taxlist-classClass taxlist.
taxlist-packageHandling taxonomic lists.
taxon_namesRetrieve or replace slot 'taxonNames' in 'taxlist' objects.
taxon_relationsRetrieve or replace Slot 'taxonRelations' in 'taxlist'...
taxon_traitsRetrieve or replace slot 'taxonTraits' in "taxlist" objects.
taxon_viewsManagement of concept views in taxonomic lists.
tnrsPhylotastic Taxonomic Name Resolution Service.
tv2taxlistImport species lists from Turboveg databases.
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