Man pages for kamilien1/patentR
A Toolbox for Analyzing Patent Data

acarsAutonomous Vehicle Patent Data from
acarsGoogleAutonomous Vehicle Patent Data from Google Patents
acarsLensAutonomous Vehicle Patent Data from Lens Patent Search
addChartRightTextLeftPptxAdd a PPTX slide with chart on the right and text on the left
addFullImagePptxAdd a full-sized plot image to a pptx
addPdfImageMake a PDF output of a plot
assigneeStopWordsA simple stop word list for assignee names.
cakcDictA country and kind code dictionary.
capWordCapitalize the first letter of a character
chooseFilesAllow the user to navigate to files manually.
cleanGoogleURLSanitize a Google URL before attempting to extract data
cleanHeaderNamesGenerate a standard set of header names for import data
cleanNamesClean up string names.
cleanPatentDataGenerate a clean data set from the imported raw data.
createGoogleURLCreate a URL link to Google patents
docLengthTypesA document mapper for country codes and document digit length...
docLengthTypesDictA named vector of key/value pairs for country codes and...
excludeWordsA standard list of words to exclude in a patent word cloud.
extractCleanDateFormat patent dates.
extractCountryCodeExtract the country code from a vector string of document...
extractDocLengthGet a code for length of doc and country code
extractKindCodeExtract the kind code, if available, from the publication...
extractPubNumberExtract the numeric portion of the document (published)...
facetPlotMake a tiled plot
factorForGraphFactor one column by another column's popularity
flippedHistogramPlot a flipped histogram with a fill value
generateDocTypeDetermine the patent document type
getClaimFromURLGet a claim from a Google Patents URL
getClaimsTextGet claims data for all rows in a data frame
googleColumnsNumber of columns in Google Patents export data.
googleDateFieldsA simple list of date column names in Google patent data.
googleDateOrderDate order for Google Patents data.
googleNamesHeader names for a data upload sourced from Google Patents...
importPatentDataRead in a data file or list of files from excel spreadsheets.
kindCodesA kind codes database to show the type of document for each...
lensColumnsThe number of columns in a csv data export.
lensDateFieldsA simple list of date column names in data.
lensDateOrderDate order for data.
lensNamesHeader names for a data upload sourced from
makeColorsMake color hues
patentrpatentr: A package for analyzing patent data.
removeDupsRemove duplicate entries in a patent data set
runExampleShiny app
scoreColorsScore colors used in graphing.
showDupsView all your duplicate entries to decide which to remove
skipGoogleHow many lines to skip in a Google Patents CSV export file.
skipLensHow many lines to skip in a patent data export.
skipSumobrainThe number of lines to skip in a data read for a...
summarizeColumnsSummarize columns of a data frame
summaryTextAdd summary text to be used in a pptx slide
sumobrainColumnsThe number of columns in a data export.
sumobrainDateFieldsA simple list of date column names in sumobrain data.
sumobrainDateOrderDate order for sumobrain data.
sumobrainNamesHeader names for a data upload sourced from
tilePlotMake a facet tile plot to view two features.
wordCloudItGenerate a word cloud with a given subset of patent data...
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