Man pages for karldw/kdw.junk
Miscellaneous Functions Karl Found Useful

box_homeGet the user's Box folder
cite_everythingCite currently loaded pacakges
clear_allClear everything possible
configure_tikzDeviceSet some tikzDevice options
dropbox_homeFind the user's Dropbox folder
ensure_id_varsRaise an error if the claimed variables don't uniquely...
explain_analyzeEXPLAIN and ANALYZE the current query
felm_strictMake felm slightly easier to use for someone who forgets to...
find_rcpp_depsFind installed packages that depend on Rcpp
get_coresGet a reasonable number for mc.cores
get_extGet file's extension.
get_osGet the current operating system
hol_daylight_savingUS Daylight Saving Time
holidaysUS holidays
install_lazyInstall packages if not already installed
is.connectionTest if connection (to a file/website/zipfile etc)
is_idDo the claimed variables identify rows?
is_rstudioIs this code running in Rstudio?
lapply_bind_rowsRun lapply then bind_rows, with multicore
lapply_parallelRun lapply on multiple cores with mclapply
make_join_saferMake a join function safer.
mclapply_socketDefine a sockets version of mclapply
memory_limitGet or set memory limits
merge_stataUse dplyr to emulate Stata merges.
month_to_quarterGet quarter from month
narrateMessage to the user
nrowReally get the number of rows of the table
pg_add_foreign_keyAdd a foreign key
pg_add_indexCreate an index
pg_add_primary_keyAdd a primary key
pg_vacuumRun the VACUUM command, and maybe ANALYZE too.
read_dataRead a dataset into memory, using extension to figure out...
read_dtaRead and reconstitute Stata file.
remove_extReturn the filename without extension.
rename_colsRename columns in a table
save_plotSave a ggplot plot
stopifStop if a condition is TRUE
truncate_bytesTruncate a string to be no longer than a specific number of...
update_packagesUpdate installed packages
vec2stringTurn a vector into one long string, used to generate messages
winsorizeWinsorize one vector
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