Man pages for karpfen/trajectory
Tools and scripts for trajectory analysis

exclude_pointsFilter points based on attribute values in a list
filter_pointsFilter points that are parts of trajectories
get_checkpointsCreate checkpoint geometries
get_overall_ldmCalculate the linear directional mean of all trajectories...
make_arrowsMake each trajectory a straight line of its cummulated length...
make_movement_indicesCalculate a number of movement indices for each trajectory
make_trajectoriesCreate a set of trajectories from a sfc of points
plot_arrow_mapPlot trajectory data as a shiny leaflet arrow map
plot_ldmGenerate a polar plot showing the linear directional mean of...
plot_leafletPlot trajectory and point data as a shiny leaflet map
plot_staticGenerate a static map of the given set of trajectories
postgres2gpkgFetch data from a PostGIS table and write it to a local...
postgres2sqliteFetch data from a PostgreSQL table and write it to a local...
read_credentialsRead Database Credentials
read_gpkgRead GeoPackage file and return a spatial data.frame
read_sqliteRead SQLite file and return a data.frame
write_gpkgWrite spatial data object to GeoPackage file
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