Man pages for karthik/rDrop
Dropbox R interface. CSV files stored in Dropbox
dropbox_acc_infoRetrieve Dropbox account summary
dropbox_authrDrop: programmatic access to Dropbox from R.
dropbox_copyFunction to copy files or folder within Dropbox.
dropbox_create_folderFunction to create new folders in Dropbox.
DropboxCredentials-classAn S4 class that stores Dropbox credentials
dropbox_deleteFunction to delete a file or folder from Dropbox
dropbox_dirFunction to list contents of a Dropbox folder.
dropbox.file.infoReturn file attributes for a specified file supplied in the...
dropbox_getDownloads a file from your Dropbox
dropbox_mediaStream data from Dropbox
dropbox_moveMove files within Dropbox
dropbox_putFunction to upload content (in-memory or a file) to Dropbox.
dropbox_saveFunction to save an object from R into Dropbox (not working)
dropbox_searchSearch Dropbox files and folders.
dropbox_shareCreates and returns a shareable link to files or folders. to see if an object exists in Dropbox
sanitize_pathsVerify paths for copy and move operations
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