Man pages for karthik/rdrop2
Programmatic Interface to the 'Dropbox' API

drop_accGet information about current Dropbox account.
drop_authAuthentication for Dropbox
drop_content_hashCompute Dropbox's content hash for one or more files
drop_copyCopies a file or folder to a new location.
drop_createCreates a folder on Dropbox
drop_deleteDeletes a file or folder.
drop_dirList folder contents and associated metadata.
drop_downloadDownload a file from Dropbox to disk.
drop_existsChecks to see if a file/folder exists on Dropbox
drop_getDownloads a file from Dropbox
drop_get_metadataRetrieve metadata for a file or folder.
drop_historyObtains metadata for all available revisions of a file,...
drop_list_shared_linksList all shared links
drop_mediaReturns a link directly to a file.
drop_moveMoves a file or folder to a new location.
drop_searchReturns metadata for all files and folders whose filename...
drop_shareCreates and returns a shared link to a file or folder.
drop_uploadUploads a file to Dropbox.
get_dropbox_tokenRetrieve oauth2 token from rdrop2-namespaced environment
pipePipe operator
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