Man pages for kazi11/actmon
A tool for parsing output produced by TriKinetics' Drosophila Activity Monitor.

barPlotCreate a bar plot of an experiment
byAttributeSubset data by an attribute
calcActivityIndexCalculate activity index
calcANOVACalculate statistics for a dataset
calcAttribMeansCalculate average values by attribute
calcBoutsCalculate bout number and duration for a single animal
calcMeanBoutCalculate mean duration of each sleep bout
calcNumBoutsCalculate mean number of sleep bouts per day
calcSleepCalculate sleep
calcSurvivalTimeCalculate time of death
calcTukeyHSDRun a Tukey HSD post-hoc test
catExperimentsConcatenate experiments
DAM-classDAM experiment object
dropAnimalsRemove an animal from the experiment
dropAttributeRemove data by an attribute
dropDeadAutomatically remove dead animals
exportDatasetExport a DAM experiment
findLightIntervalCalculate the lighting interval
getIntervalDetermine measurement interval
getLightChangesFind light changes in a dataset
getSleepBoutsCalculate duration and number of sleep bouts
getValsRetrieve values from a DAM dataframe as a matrix.
isAsleepCalculate sleep values
linePlotCreate a line plot of an experiment
listAttributesGet the attributes of a dataset
listAttribValsGet attribute values
listToDataframeConvert a list to a dataframe
newExperimentCreate a DAM experiment
orderAttribValsChange attribute order
percentToMinsConvert sleep percentages to minutes
stdErrorCalculate standard error of the mean
subsetTimeSubsetting data by time
survivalTimeComputes the index at which a fly died in the data
syncLightCycleSynchronize experiment to its light cycle
toAvgDayCompute average day
toIntervalCollapse a dataset to a target time interval
toSecondsConvert a time to seconds
toTidyConvert a dataset to TidyR format
whichChangedFind changes in a vector
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