Man pages for kbenoit/readtext
Import and Handling for Plain and Formatted Text Files

as.character.readtextreturn only the texts from a readtext object
basename_uniqueReturn basenames that are unique
cache_remoteInternal function to cache remote file
data_char_encodedtextsencoded texts for testing
data_files_encodedtextsa .zip file of texts containing a variety of differently...
encodingdetect the encoding of texts
get_nexis_htmlextract texts and meta data from Nexis HTML files
get_tempGet path to temporary file or directory
impute_typesDetect and set variable types automatically
print.readtextprint method for a readtext object
readtextread a text file(s)
readtext_optionsGet or set package options for readtext
readtext-packageImport and handling for plain and formatted text files
sort_fieldsMove text to the first column and set types to document...
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