wildlife.Racoon: model bacteria generation from racoons

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This function is the bacteria source-model Racoon. The model generates input for HSPF. The specific outputs from this source model are loads from the beaver to land and directly to the stream The load to the land is in the form of load/acre for forest PLS in a sub-watershed that the source-model contributes to and the hourly load to the stream in the form of a MUTSIN file. The input for the model is from an ASCII text file. Use the text below as a template for the input file. The symbol used for comments in the input file is "***". The definitions for the symbols used in the template are: YYYY is four-digit year, MM two-digit month, DD is the two-digit day, ## is an integer, #.# is a floating point number, and #.#E+## is a number in scientific notation





is the input file for the model

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