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Lining Up Two Sets of Measurements

align_matrix_colsAlign the columns of two matrices
align_matrix_rowsAlign the rows of two matrices
corr_betw_matricesCalculate correlations between columns of two matrices
dist_betw_arraysDistance between rows of two arrays
dist_betw_matricesDistance between rows of two matrices
get_2ndbestGet 2nd-smallest distance for each individual
get_bestGet smallest distance for each individual
get_nonselfGet self-nonself distances
get_problemsSummarize potential problems in a distance matrix
get_selfGet self-self distance
hist_self_nonselfPlot histograms of self-self and self-nonself distances
lineup2-packagelineup2: Lining Up Two Sets of Measurements
which_2ndbestDetermine which individual has 2nd-smallest distance to each...
which_bestDetermine which individual has smallest distance to each...
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