Man pages for kbroman/qtl2fst
Fst Database for R/qtl2 Genotype Probabilities

calc_genoprob_fstCalculate conditional genotype probabilities and write to fst...
cbind.fst_genoprobJoin genotype probabilities for different chromosomes
fst_extractExtract genotype probabilities from fst database
fst_filesList files used in fst_genoprob object
fst_pathPath used in fst_genoprob object
fst_restoreRestore fst_genoprob object to original dimensions.
genoprob_to_alleleprob_fstConvert genotype probabilities to allele probabilities and...
probs2fstStore genotype probabilities in fst database
rbind.fst_genoprobJoin genotype probabilities for different individuals
replace_pathReplace the path used in fst_genoprob object
subset_fst_genoprobSubsetting genotype probabilities
summary.fst_genoprobSummary of an fst_genoprob object
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