Man pages for kbroman/xoi
Tools for Analyzing Crossover Interference

bssbsbBSS/BSB backcross data
chiasmaEstimate chiasma distribution from crossover counts
coincidenceEstimate coincidence function
convertxolocConvert format of crossover locations data
countxoEstimate number of crossovers
distance.given.twoDistance between crossovers given there are two
est.coiEstimate the coincidence function
est.coi.umEstimate the coincidence as a function of micron distance
est.recrateEstimate recombination rate
find.breaksEstimate crossover locations
firstdenDistance to a crossover
first.given.twoLocation of first crossover given there are two
fitGammaFit Gamma model
fitStahlFit Stahl model
gammacoiCoincidence function for the gamma model
intensityEstimate intensity function
iodenDistance between crossovers
joint.given.twoCrossover locations given there are two
kfuncestimate Ripley's K function
location.given.oneLocation of crossover given there is one
recrate2scanoneConvert recrate to scanone format
simStahlSimulate crossover locations under the Stahl model
stahlcoiCoincidence function for the Stahl model
stahlLoglikCalculate log likelihood for Stahl model
xoiversionInstalled version of R/xoi
xoprobDistribution of number of crossovers
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