Man pages for kcf-jackson/glmSimData
A package for simulating data from a GLM model

add_irrelevant_covariatesA function to generate irrelevant covariates, numerical or...
block_seqPartition a sequence into blocks
ceil_expTake exponential then round a number
create_labels_tableCreate a dataframe mapping labels to intervals.
diff_ratioCompare the signal-noise ratios
expand.listsextension of expand.grid to 2 lists
extract_ratioextract signal-noise ratio from GLM object.
extract_ungrouped_dataExtract (ungrouped) data from the beta object
find_signal_labelCategorise signal-noise ratio (vectorised)
generate_dependent_covariatesGenerate dependent covariates - numerical or (ordinal)...
generate_independent_covariatesGenerate independent covariates - numerical or (ordinal)...
generate_responseSimulate the response data given covariates, beta and DGP...
generate_response_with_ratioGenerate predictor coefficients according to the signal-noise...
glmSimDataA package for simulating data from a GLM model
Imported-functionsImport functions from the base packages.
ls_lossLeast-squared loss function
matrix_times_vectorSum of matrix columns weighted by a vector
random_labelsGenerate some random labels
random_signalsGenerate some random signals based on labels
reduce_data_weightsReduce the weights such that it rounds to 'nice' numbers.
round_expTake exponential then round a number
stochastic_searchStochastic Search
trim_numberTrim the first s significant digits.
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