Man pages for kcf-jackson/jsReact
Statistical models from R and Interactive apps from Javascript

add_buttonAdd slider to body
add_columnAdd a section (div element) to body
add_containerAdd a container (div element) to body
add_counterAdd a counter with text
add_divAdd a section (div element) to body
add_dropdown_listAdd drop-down list to body
add_google_play_pauseAdd a google-style play-pause button
add_google_styleAdd google material icon
add_google_style_buttonAdd a google-style single image button
add_header_titleAdd title to html header
add_itemAdd a item (div element) to body
add_js_libraryAdd js libraries src files to html header
add_pipeAdd 'pipes' to convert from and to JSON
add_rowAdd a section (div element) to body
add_scriptAdd Javascript to body
add_script_from_fileAdd Javascript from file to body
add_script_from_linkAdd Javascript from link
add_sliderAdd slider to body
add_slider_with_textAdd a slider with text description (to body)
add_styleAdd css style to html header
add_style_from_fileAdd css style to html header
add_style_from_linkAdd css style to html header
add_tag_intoGeneric function to add a pair of enclosing "tags" to...
add_textAdd text
add_titleAdd title to body
add_vr_3d_pointsAdd VR multiple spheres from dataframe
add_vr_asset_itemAdd VR asset item
add_vr_assetsAdd VR assets
add_vr_entityAdd VR entity
add_vr_sceneAdd VR scene
add_vr_sphereAdd VR sphere
add_widgetGeneric function to produce widgets
copy_assetsCopy assets to target directory
create_appCreate an interactive app
create_htmlCreate a basic html file
create_ws_urlA wrapper to make an address a full link
developingHelper function to aid developing and testing codes
developing_htmlHelper function to aid developing and testing html file
developing_rHelper function to aid developing and testing R codes
dots_to_argConvert dots into html tag attributes
get_tag_indexGet the first index of a tag in a vector of a html string
html5_elementsCreate builders for html5 elements
html_to_stringConvert html to string
import_functionsImport functions from other package
insertInsert x into vec0 at pos + 1
insert_afterInsert a script after the tag of a vector of a html string
insert_beforeInsert a script before the tag of a vector of html string
insert_dfInsert x into vec0 at pos + 1
insert_intoGeneric function to insert a script into a tag of a html...
insert_websocketsInsert a websocket connection and convert html to string.
JS_Collapse lines into a string
js_srcContains the JS libraries source links
preview_appPreview app
start_appRun an interactive app
tweenr_exampleFunction to create example data shown in the tweenr package.
write_html_to_fileConvert html to string
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