Man pages for kcha/psiplot
Generate plots of PSI values generated by vast-tools

betaCIObtain CIs from the sampled values
configSample psiplot configuration settings for datasets 'psi' and...
convert_psiConvert low/bad quality PSI values to NA
crpkmSample genes with cRPKM data
crpkm_countsSample genes with cRPKM and counts data
draw_group_meansDraw group means as horizontal lines
format_tableFormat input event data
get_beta_ciCalculate confidence intervals for error bars
get_beta_ci_subgCalculate conficence intervals for error bars of subgrouped...
get_psi_samplesGet samples from PSI input table
gg_color_hueSimulate default ggplot2 color palette
make_titleMake plot title
make_title.2Make plot title (version 2)
plot_eventPlot PSI values of a given alternative splicing event
plot_exprPlot cRPKM values of a given gene
plot_multiPlot multiple events or genes as a heatmap (experimental)
plot_multieventPlot PSI values of multiple alternative splicing events
preprocess_sample_colorsPreprocess PSI or cRPKM data frame using configuration file
psiSample events with PSI data
psiplotProduce PSI and GE plots based on output from vast-tools
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