Redshift R Driver

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Redshift R Driver provides a simple interface to query the Amazon Redshift database from R. Most methods are just wrappers around RJDBC methods. A specical method is used for inserting data frames into database which is done with compound INSERT statements which perform much better than individual INSERT statements.


Package is available only on Github, so you need to use devtools to install the package

install_github('keboola/provisioning-r-client', ref = 'master')


# connect to database
driver <- RedshiftDriver$new()     
driver$connect("", "mydb", "user", "passwrod", "myschema")

# insert some data
df <- data.frame("foo" = c(1,3,5), "bar" = c("one", "three", "five"))
driver$saveDataFrame(df, "fooBar")

# select data (return a data.frame)
dfResult <- driver$select("SELECT foo, bar, row_num FROM fooBar ORDER BY foo")

# optionally insert row numbers from the data frame
driver$saveDataFrame(df, "fooBar", rowNumbers = TRUE)
dfResult <- driver$select("SELECT foo, bar, row_num FROM fooBar ORDER BY row_num")

# optionally insert data to an existing table
    paste0("CREATE TABLE ", schema, ".fooBar (foo INTEGER, bar CHARACTER VARYING (200));")
driver$saveDataFrame(df, "fooBar", incremental = TRUE)

# utility methods
cols <- driver$columnTypes(paste0(schema, ".fooBar"))
cols[["foo"]] # -> "integer"            
driver$tableExists("fooBar") # -> TRUE

# for DML and DML statements use the update method
driver$update("DROP TABLE IF EXISTS fooBar;")  

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