Man pages for kelvinyangli/wrsgraph

calculate_cycle_lengthCalculate the shortest cycle length
combn_indAuxilliary function to wrs_bktr()
common_nbrsA function that finds the common neighbours between two nodes
degreeA function to calculates the degree of a node
d_wrsDefinite-WRS for maximum degree 3 graphs
d_wrs_deg4Definite-WRS for maximum degree 4 graphs
find_nbrA function that finds neighbours of a node
find_simplicialFind simplicial nodes
is_chordalTest chordality
is_cliqueIdentify a clique
is_simplicialIdentify a simplicial node
k3_ladderA function that look for a k3 ladder.
matching_special_envelop_graphspecial subgraph matching
min_deg_moralizationMinimum degree moralization
progressA function to keep track of the progress in a loop
prune_leavesA function that prunes leaves
rand_bounded_deg_graphRandom graph generation
rand_bounded_deg_graph_auxRandom graph generation (auxiliary)
remove_duplicated_edgesA function to remove duplicated rows in a dataframe or matrix
wrs_bktrTest weak recursively simplicial
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